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Whats best for leg threadveins? Laser or Sclerotherapy?

May 1

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012  RssIcon

For over 40 years injection sclerotherapy has proved to be the most effective treatment for unwanted leg veins. These could be the fine threadveins  or even the tortuous varicose veins. Bigger veins repsond well to Foam Sclerotherapy as performed by our expert Consultant Vascular Surgeon Mr Paul Hayes. But finer veins are often trickier because they are often smaller than the injection needle itself and so it is tricky to get the solution into the vein. However, skilled injectors do this very well.

This month, research from Korea compared sclerotherapy with an Nd:YAG laser for treating finer leg threadveins and it showed interesting results. The study looked at 30 women aged 25-65 with threadveins (0.5mm - 1.5mm wide) who didn't have varicose veins or who were pregnant. One leg was treated with the laser, and the other treated with sclerotherapy.

The study concluded that sclerotherapy is the BEST option, with minimal discomfort and few treatments needed when compared to Lasers. Although lasers were much more painful, the authors recommended using lasers in patients who were needle-phobic or who were allergic to the sclerosing agent. (Antonio et al, Dermatol Surg 2012;38:635-639)

So as you can see, we have ALWAYS recommended Sclerotherapy for leg veins at Riverbanks as we have always believed it to be the best treatment - and this study confirms it. We do have and Nd:YAG laser for those patients who are unsuitable for sclerotherapy.

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