Six Pack Abs | How to get a Six Pack

Six Pack Abs

Get an athletic body in just 24 hours

It’s time to forget all those hours pushing yourself to the limit in the gym – there’s a short cut to getting the body you want with non-invasive Vaser technology.

If you’ve dreamed of having:

• Six pack abs
• A toned butt and thighs
• Well-defined arms and legs…
… but don’t seem to achieve that physique no matter how hard you work out at the gym, speak to the experts at Riverbanks Clinic. 
Leading Vaser specialists will guide you through the amazing Vaser 4D technology that has resulted in thousands of patients getting an amazing athletic body.  
Vaser 4D Sculpt is the latest improvement on Vaser Hi Def.  Vaser 4D removes highly targeted areas of fat to contour your body and reveal your hidden muscle definition – with even better and more natural-looking results.  No one will guess you’ve had surgery – they’ll think you’ve been hitting the weights hard.  
Vaser 4D is not just for men!

Many women choose to have defined muscles from the bust to the groin even if they’re no aiming for a six pack.  Waistlines become more definte and you can also increase breast definition – giving you a bikini-fit body! 

It takes minimal down time to get the body you want – far less time than sweating it out in the gym.  Previous methods such as etching carried greater risk and a slower recovery time.  With Vaser 4D Sculpting you can be back in action after around 10 days’ recovery and aftercare!

If you want to get an athletic, toned beach-ready body call Riverbanks Clinic now on 0844 704 7767 for your comprehensive consultation.



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