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CoolTech® - Fat Freezing Technology

The phenomenon of CoolTech fat freezing is spectacular! Finally, it is possible to lose fat without surgery or exercise with clinical studies showing that just a single 1 hour session can reduce the number of fat cells by up to 45%!

Riverbanks was the 1st clinic in the UK to successfully introduce Cooltech® Fat Freezing to the public. Our medical director Dr Ravi Jain, was instrumental in the research for this exciting new cryolipolysis system, and worked closely with the manufacturers in Barcelona, to deliver the highest quality system approved fro medical use and which delivers outstanding results for patients. 

Fat freezing is the latest in non-invasive body contouring and we are really excited about it here at Riverbanks. We have vast experience with VASER liposuction for the ultimate in body contouring but understand that for many people who struggle with diet and exercise, surgery is not always the answer.

Cooltech, is a simple method where we gently apply cooling suction cups to the targeted fatty area and then gently freeze the fat down to -8C with a super efficient suction cup that maximises the area treated and also ensures that there is blending to the untreated tissues, leaving the most natural looking result possible. Each treatment takes about 60-70 mins. Afterwards you will be a little bit sore as if you had worked out too hard, but will be fine to go home straight away.

Initial results can start to be visible at about 4 weeks, and these will improve all the way through to 6 months. If you would like further reduction on the same area you can always have a second or even third session about 1 month apart but in our experience, over 90% of our patients have only needed ONE treatment!

With scientific studies showing fat reduction between 25-45%, fat freezing has a very high patient satisfaction rate of up to 80-90% in clinical studies and that has been echoed in our experience.

We have an extremely high patient satisfaction rate from all of our patients who have travelled from Harpenden, Luton, St Albans, Radlett and other major towns in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire as well as Central London in our Harley Street rooms. The demand has been so high that we now have 2 systems running in Harpenden!

Before & After Pictures

CoolTech Fat Freezing FAQS

What is the principle behind Cooltech:

The principle behind this device is fat cooling. It uses controlled cold exposure, to produce non-invasive, effective, and selective damage to fat cells.

The whole concept is based on the premise that there is a difference in fat's susceptibility to the cold as compared to the skin. It has been proven that fat freezes at a higher temperature than the rest of the skin does. Therefore at a certain temperature you can freeze the fat, but not harm the skin.

What happens in a Cooltech procedure

Essentially, we are freezing fat cells which are then eliminated through a gradual process that does not harm surrounding tissues.

Is it approved for medical use?

CoolTech® is fully approved for medical use in Europe for fat freezing and has been awarded CE-Medical mark.

Is fat cooling a new concept?

The science behind Cooltech is not new. In fact it was inspired by the observation that children who habitually sucked on popsicles developed cheek dimples, presumably as a result of loss of fatty tissue from their cheeks. This condition was coined “popsicle panniculitis”, and it was here that it was noted that this was due to a localised inflammatory process that was taking place within the fat cells as a result of the cooling effect of the popsicle. This ultimately leads to the localised destruction of the fat in the cheek, and the cause of the dimple. 

What exactly happens to the fat cells?

Although we do not understand completely  all the steps that lead to fat destruction as a result of cooling, we do know that the exposure to cooling causes a localised inflammatory response in the fat cells(called Panniculitis)  within the treated area, which in turn will damage the fat cells by rupturing them, thereby releasing their contents(fat by-products). These contents are then naturally flushed away from your body, via its own mechanisms,  in the ensuing two months. This of course ultimately leads to a gradual reduction of  the thickness of the fat layer which in turn reduces the visible bulges within two to four months. 

Cooltech Scientific Facts

There is also no evidence that the procedure has any adverse effects on levels of liver enzymes or blood fats (such as cholesterol). Moreover, as the number of fat cells in our body is fixed after our birth, new fat cells will not be reproduced and therefore there is no chance of these fat cells returning. However you must understand that existing fat cells left behind can compensate and increase in size if your diet needs are excessive and therefore eat more calories than you burn! So a sensible lifestyle, which includes exercise and a healthy diet is mandatory after any such treatment if you want to maintain the effects.

Are there any people who are not suitable for Cooltech?

People who are affected by the following should not have a Cooltech procedure:

  1. Raynaud’s disease (Raynaud's disease is a rare disorder of the blood vessels, usually in the fingers and toes, where digits show blue discoloration secondary to cold exposure) 
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Implanted medical device
  4. Recent surgery in the treatment area(within 1 year)
  5. Umbilical or inguinal hernia
  6. Cold sensitivities 
  7. Patients with Hepatitis C (cryoglobulins)


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